Past Community Initiatives

Looking back: 2021 Diagnostics Accelerator

On October 30, 2021, we kicked off a year of diagnostic innovation! Watch the full event to learn about the state of tick-borne illness diagnostics!

How It Worked

Diagnostics innovators were paired with industry, academic, and clinical mentors, who helped teams with market analysis, business models, the commercialization pipeline, and pitch decks throughout the year. The Invisible Incubator helped teams gain a competitive edge in this competition, by making it easy to engage with clinical, lab, and industry collaborators, and by participating in forums where past and emerging technologies will be discussed.

The Diagnostic Problem

The weak link in reducing the public health burden of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses is the lack of fast, cheap, and reliable diagnostic approaches. Early Lyme diagnoses are often delayed because the Lyme screening tests aren’t reliable in the first month after infection and not everyone produces or notices a bullseye rash. In the later stages of the disease, antibody testing can be unreliable in the sickest patients, those whose antibody production may be hobbled by concurrent infections or a weak immune system. There’s also no simple diagnostic roadmap to follow when multiple tick-borne pathogens may be involved.

Looking back: 2020 Showcase & Awards

On October 24, 2020, the 8 teams presented their projects to the public and the judges announced awards to winning teams. These teams participated in a 10 month incubator following this event. Watch the full program here!

Invisible International’s Lovell Community Initiative

Mark and Eileen Lovell gave a trailblazing and transformational gift to create Invisible International and the Lovell Community Platform. Thanks to their support, Invisible International is able to deliver programs that will change the landscape of tick borne illness and other invisible illnesses through innovation, education, and research.