The Lovell Family

Invisible International would not be possible without the vision and generosity of Mark & Eileen Lovell. In January 2020, their family gave the founding gift to start the organization and to fund critical programming on innovation and tick borne disease.

Mark R. Lovell, Ph.D., FACPN

Dr. Mark Lovell is internationally recognized as a concussion expert for his development of innovate approaches to the evaluation and management of concussion. Lovell served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ImPACT Applications, Inc. from 2002 through 2013 and as Chairman of the Board and Chief Scientific Officer until his retirement in 2019.  In the early 1990’s he developed the ImPACT test, which is the first and most scientifically validated approach to concussion evaluation. ImPACT is also the only concussion assessment test, approved by the food and drug Administration (FDA). The ImPACT test is currently used world-wide and to date, over twenty million athletes have been evaluated using ImPACT.

Based on his work with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Mark was asked to develop and oversee concussion testing programs for the National Football League, the National Hockey League, the US Ski Team and many other organizations. ImPACT is currently utilized by almost all professional sports as well as most colleges and universities throughout the US. ImPACT is now also utilized internationally in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, South America and is available in fourteen languages.

In 2000, Mark became the founding director of the University of Pittsburgh Sports Concussion Program. This program evaluates approximately twenty thousand athletes per year and attracts athletes from around the world.  He retired from this position in 2011 to pursue research and philanthropic endeavors such as Invisible International.

Mark was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from Northern Michigan University in 2011. His work has been recognized by the Council of Brain Injury, the National Concussion Summit. He has also received the Excellence in Safety Award by USA Hockey, the Distinguished Neuropsychologist award by the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology and the Distinguished Career Award by the Sports Neuropsychology Society.

Mark is a lifelong musician and an active tennis player.

Eileen Lovell

Eileen has many passions including, first and foremost her family. She has a graduate degree in economics and has taught economics at the college level. However, she has become increasingly involved as a public health advocate. She served for 16 years as an advocate for the local and regional National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) affiliates. Along with Mark, she is now turning her focus to helping to attack the often difficult to detect and treat diseases such as Lyme and Mental Illness.

Eileen has been an active and highly involved partner of Mark’s in promoting sports concussion awareness and is a co-sponsor of the Mark and Eileen Lovell endowed professorship of Health and Human Performance at Northern Michigan University. Eileen looks forward to sharing her energy with Invisible International.

As an advisory board member of Invisible International, Eileen is hopeful that this effort can lead to real and tangible improvement on the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease. Eileen is both passionate and optimistic that real advancements can be made in the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of invisible diseases in the near future.

To rejuvenate her soul, Eileen pursues her interest in gardening, yoga and reading.