New Course Alert: Lyme & Tick-borne Disease Webinar & Panel Discussion

Global Lyme Alliance and Invisible International teamed up to host a Lyme & Tick-borne Disease CME Webinar, which took place on April 6. The event video and accredited CME courses are now available to the public and clinicians online. Free CME credit for physicians and other frontline providers is available through the Invisible Education Initiative.

The CME content includes:

Long Lyme/Co-Infections and Long COVID | What do they have in common?, Instructor: John Lambert, MD. Available for 0.5 CME
Neuropsychiatric Symptoms with Lyme Disease & Tick-borne Illness, Instructor: Shannon Delaney, MD. Available for 0.75 CME
Panel discussion and Q&A with instructors, Moderated by Chris Green, MD, Education Co-Director, Invisible International. Available for 1.5 CME

More information:

Invisible International and Global Lyme Alliance are thrilled to introduce a cutting-edge Continuing Medical Education (CME) course titled “Long COVID/Long Lyme Expert Clinician Panel”. This course, generously sponsored by the Global Lyme Alliance, represents a fresh effort to equip clinicians with the latest insights and evidence-based strategies for managing two challenging conditions: long COVID and long Lyme disease.

This panel is moderated by Dr. Christine Green, Invisible International’s Co-Director of Education, and features Dr. Shannon Delaney, an adult and pediatric psychiatrist, and Dr. Jack Lambert, an adult and pediatric infectious disease specialist. Together, these experts dive deep into the nuances of long COVID and long Lyme disease, drawing upon clinical experience in the US and Ireland. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding these conditions, incorporating the latest evidence-based research and clinical experience of the featured experts.

The panel is structured to emphasize the significant mental health aspects associated with Lyme disease, guiding clinicians on how to effectively monitor for mental health sequelae, integrate mental health screening tools into their practice, and make informed referrals to mental health professionals. Furthermore, it offers a concise overview of Lyme disease persistence post-standard treatments, challenging the outdated notion that Lyme disease is always straightforward to treat.

Additionally, the “Long COVID/Long Lyme Expert Clinician Panel” CME course aims to draw parallels between the clinical manifestations of long COVID and long Lyme disease, shedding light on potential treatment options. This segment is particularly designed to enhance clinicians’ diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, potentially accelerating treatment decisions and saving lives.

The Invisible Education Initiative, funded by the Montecalvo Foundation, provides free, accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses that focus on vector-borne and environmental illness within a One Health framework. All courses are available at no cost for AAFP Prescribed Credits.