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We are developing medical education for front-line clinicians, aiming to fill the evidence gap between how those with invisible illnesses are treated and emerging research that has not yet reached widespread circulation.


Invisible is engaged in original research designed to accelerate the movement of evidence on better diagnostics, treatments, and cures to patient care


We are nurturing a diverse set of projects with a common aim—to foster public understanding, compassion, prevention strategies, and solution development for those suffering from invisible illnesses.

Our Team

Academic and community physicians, researchers, educators, innovators, and patient advocates. Supported by philanthropic partners who are invested in driving expedient change for tick-borne illness. United, we are stronger.

The Montecalvo Platform for Tick-borne Illness Education is a library of accredited continuing medical education (CME) courses that teach front-line clinicians about diagnosing and treating vector-borne diseases. These courses are free to all users and are accessible to both clinicians and patients online.

Tick Bytes is a nationwide clinical data repository to provide quality de-identified tick-borne illness patient data to researchers to facilitate the development of better symptom profiles, diagnostics approaches, and treatment protocols.

The Lovell Innovation Tick-borne Illness Diagnostics Development Incubator is designed to bring together teams of multidisciplinary change-makers to look at diagnostic protocols, processes, and tests anew, with an eye to accelerating better solutions to market. This effort is coordinated with the Cohen Foundation’s $25M LymeX Diagnostics Moonshot competition.

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