A Collaborative Audio project

"Sonic Dogness" by Annette Janotta and Olivia Ting

We know our environment and our health are connected, but how? 

What does birdsong do for our mood? How does living with frequent earthquakes change our imaginations? What do we learn about our own bodies from the redwood trees? 

the Body + the Land collects our ideas about how living in this place shapes our health. Hear from people all over the Bay Area.


We want to hear from you.

Tell us where in the Bay you live and how you see this place—its trees, and people; its parks and wildlife; its air and its weather—shaping your health.


Call in and leave a message.


Join for the in-person launch at the Albany Bulb!
Saturday, May 6, 2023 at 2:30PM

Mosaic Bulb Map by Lynn Jones

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Project Overview

Share your ideas about the link between your health and where you live.

Your voice message will be part of an audio walk at the Albany Bulb—accessible via walking or online.