Olivia Goodreau

Advisory Board Chair of Youth Advocacy

Olivia Goodreau is the founder of the LivLyme Foundation and inventor of the free global app, TickTracker. Olivia founded the LivLyme Foundation in 2017 when she was 12 years old, to raise money for children who cannot afford their Lyme medication and doctors’ visits and to fund research to find a cure for Lyme and tick-borne diseases. She has testified in front of the Health & Human Services Tick-Borne Disease Working Group and both the House and Senate in the State of Maryland. Olivia has presented at Stanford University, University of Colorado School of Public Health, Focus on Lyme, Midcoast Lyme Disease Support and Education, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft and various other organizations. Awards received include “The Bravery Award” from Stanford University’s BioADD Laboratory (she is the youngest recipient), the “Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes”, the “Women Who Inspire” in the #beboldforchange from Nigeria’s Florence Ozor Foundation, the 2017 “People Who Inspire Award” from Ride Out Lyme, 2019 “The Power of One” award from Focus on Lyme, 2019 International Women’s Economic Forum’s award for “Young Innovators Creating a Better World for All”. In 2017 Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper proclaimed April 8th as “Olivia Goodreau Day” in recognition of “her commitment to increasing awareness of Lyme Disease and to supporting scientists, doctors, and researchers as they work to improve treatment and find a cure”.

Olivia invented the free global app called TickTracker that has over 15,000 users worldwide and in multiple languages. Olivia held the first annual LivLyme Summit in 2018, where she had the top Lyme scientists, doctors and advocates from around the world speak to a sold out audience of 400. Olivia is the youngest inventor to participate in the US Department of Health and Human Services’, The Opportunity Project (TOP), a 14-week tech sprint with her APP. TickTracker was selected by the US Department of Health and Human Services as the “top tech tool” that is solving global health problems. Olivia presented her app at the White House and at the US Census Bureau this past March. Olivia has met with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s head of Innovation for health in Seattle, twice in the past 6 months and will be meeting with them again in June. Olivia has met with the Microsoft team twice in Seattle. Microsoft gave a grant to Olivia to help with her AI for TickTracker. Olivia has interned at Stanford University, Duke University, and University of Southern California’s labs. 

Olivia hopes the LivLyme Foundation will positively impact those that suffer from all tick-borne diseases. As the inventor of TickTracker, she is striving to educate the public and keep people safe while creating a database for research use. Olivia’s hobbies include drawing, reading, scuba diving, water and snow skiing. She loves her family, her dogs and loves to hang out with her friends.