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April 22, 2024  Celebrate Earth Day | Plants That Protect You From Ticks

April 18, 2024  New Course Alert: Lyme & Tick-borne Disease Webinar & Panel Discussion

March 21, 2024  New Course Alert: “Antibiotic Treatment of Bartonella Infections” by Dr. Monica Embers

March 8, 2024  Spring is here: free CMEs that will keep your patients healthy outside!

February 12, 2024  Clinical education for a changing climate: February CME Highlights

January 30, 2024  New Course Alert: Insights into Borrelia Miyamotoi and a Conversation with Dr. Shannon Delaney

January 5, 2024  New Course Alert: “Combination Antibiotic Therapy for Treatment of Lyme disease”

December 15, 2023 Invisible’s New Course on Leptospirosis: The World’s Most Common Zoonotic Disease

November 28, 2023 Invisible works so that no patient is left behind

November 21, 2023 Please support education that makes an impact this Giving Tuesday

November 7, 2023 Invisible’s New Course on Racial Disparities in Lyme Disease

October 4, 2023 Invisible’s New Course on how to diagnose and treat babesiosis

September 22, 2023 – Matching Gift Announcement

September 14, 2023 – Special Issue: Invisible’s 2023 Medical Education Course List

August 31, 2023 – Announcing Invisible’s Clinical Guide for Lyme Neuroborreliosis

August 25, 2023 – From the Clincal Trenches

August 9, 2023 – New Massachusetts General Hospital study on important heart issues in Lyme disease patients

July 20, 2023 – New course on One Health strategies for diagnosing Lyme disease

July 12, 2023 – The tick bite and Lyme disease prevention issue

June 20, 2023 Cat scratch disease: How to care for the cat

June 8, 2023 – New clinical tool: A one-page symptom list for babesiosis, bartonellosis, and Lyme disease

May 18, 2023 – HEALTH risk tool, Midwest education lecture, cat scratch disease, Bartonella & mental illness, tick-induced red meat allergy

May 12, 2023 – How education can bend the curve in the tick-borne disease epidemic

May 2, 2023 – Lyme Awareness Month: We can solve the Lyme-care crisis through education!

April 25, 2023 – One Health and upcoming events

April 18, 2023 – SF Bay art walk, healthy cats, One Health webinars, Lyme patient needs, and the rise in babesiosis

April 10, 2023 – New course on healthy cat ownership

April 7, 2023 – Education is the answer: Day 5

April 6, 2023 – Education is the answer: Day 4

April 5, 2023 – Education is the answer: Day 3

April 4, 2023 – Education is the answer: Day 2

April 3, 2023 – Education is the answer: Day 1

March 22, 2023 New neuro-Lyme CME, Scripps CME conference, One Health white paper, a six-pack of Bartonella courses, a pro-skier’s Lyme story– Invisible presents courses at the Scripps’ “Primary Care Conference” and “Hidden Infections Conference”

March 10, 2023 – Neuropsychiatric Lyme symptoms: A new masterclass

March 1, 2023 – Invisible presents courses at the Scripps’ “Primary Care Conference” and “Hidden Infections Conference”

February 21, 2023 – Why is it so hard to find a Lyme doctor?

February 14, 2023 – Barriers to Lyme care, Dublin conference, Rickettsiales in Europe, 5 ways to help, LymeX finalists, Bartonella hosts

February 7, 2023 New course on healthy dog ownership

January 31, 2023 – Healthy dog ownership, chronic Lyme case study, lone star tick threats, MIT Lyme internship, congenital Lyme CME

January 24, 2023 New CME course on “Diagnostic Challenges in Lyme disease” 

January 17, 2023 Our new year’s priorities, a CME on Lyme diagnostic challenges, Invisible’s big wins of 2022, a call for Lyme conference speakers/abstracts, Ireland’s tick problem

January 10, 2023The tick-borne disease epidemic in Ireland: A call for more research

December 30, 2022We’d like to wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

December 20, 2022Invisible’s Big Wins of 2022

December 2, 2022  –  Special Announcement: Invisible’s Team GOAT in the NY Times today

November 29, 2022  –  Happy Giving Tuesday!

November 8, 2022 –  Swamp Boy: A story about Bartonella and mental illness

November 2, 2022 – November 5th One Health Hackathon Prizes Announced – Register Today!

October 25, 2022Our Tick Bytes initiative, a Lyme physician survey, new One Health tools, “The Quiet Epidemic”outreach campaign

October 20, 2022 – Join our One Health Innovation Hackathon on November 5th!

October 6, 2022 – Invisible’s curriculum initiative, our One Health Hackathon, Lyme biobank donations, new long COVID/Lyme treatment course

September 15, 2022 – Long COVID/Lyme treatments, new LivLyme talks, when pets share diseases, a Colorado dad dies from Lyme

August 30, 2022 – New CME on diagnosing neuro-Lyme patients, a symptom-tracker checklist, the longhorned tick invasion, a psychiatrist on neuro-Lyme

August 16, 2022 – New CME: A roadmap for treating neuro-Lyme patients

August 9, 2022 – Invisible’s MedEd platform accredited by ACCME, One Health course on CDC site, new Babesiosis symptoms, tips for disability filing

July 27, 2022 – A new neuro-Lyme CME course, diagnosing kids, One Health resources, free tick testing

July 11, 2022 – New testing course, LymeX Prize update, preventing chronic Lyme, healing music, climate change health effects

June 28, 2022 – Lyme & Alzheimer’s disease, racial disparities in Lyme care, worldwide burden of Lyme

June 9, 2022 – Preventing tick bites, TBDs in Europe, killer ticks in Maine, new Lyme clinics in Quebec

May 24, 2022 – LymeX Diagnostics Prize deadlines, CDC’s new Lyme case definition, new county-level maps

May 9, 2022 – New “One Health” course, Lyme & collaboration, babesia on the rise in Europe

May 4, 2022 – Ticks are spreading, 5 tips for fighting tick bites, must-see online events in May

April 26, 2022 – Some good news for the Lyme disease community

April 19, 2022 – 10 things to be thankful for, a chronic Lyme test in the pipeline, tick testing

April 11, 2022 – Lyme dementia, post-treatment Lyme relapses, and predictions of a meat allergy “tickpocalypse”

April 5, 2022 – Tick-check dance, all-in-one tick disease test, advice on treating early Lyme

Mar 22, 2022 – Tools for physicians, AI Lyme rash diagnosis, chronic Lyme in Wisconsin

Mar 15, 2022 – Congenital Lyme tracking, diagnostics incubator update, 2022 tick risks

Mar 09, 2022 – WGBH tick talk, new congenital Lyme CME course, NPR on chronic illness

Mar 03, 2022 – Meet our donors, deer are getting COVID, tick-triggered red meat allergy

Feb 15, 2022 – Tick talk on Boston podcast, New Lyme diagnostic codes, PBSNews on tick spread

Feb 07, 2022 – New UK science advisor, Lyme story with a happy ending, LymeX prize info

Jan 31, 2022 – Authors call for change, how healthcare fails Lyme patients, & new blog on diagnosing Lyme

Jan 26, 2022 – Take Lyme action NOW, Canadian tick invasion, New neuro-bartonellosis course

Jan 18, 2022 – Diagnostic Incubator: Call for Team Registrations & More

Dec 29, 2021 – 2021 Impact, New CME on Chronic Lyme, films and podcasts, and more

Dec 13, 2021 – Lyme moonshot, collaborating scientists, new Lyme maps, and more

Dec 6, 2021 – Giving Tuesday Recap, Lyme in the News, and More!

Nov 30, 2021 – Join us in realizing our mission: to alleviate suffering from invisible illnesses

Nov 21, 2021 – Diagnostic development incubator, new education courses, and more!Clinical education for a changing climate: February CME Highlights