Jack Lambert, MD, PhD

Member, International Scientific Advisory Board
Faculty, Montecalvo Platform for Tick-borne Illness Education 

“I am excited to join Invisible’s international scientific advisory board. I look forward to contributing my experience to help Invisible educate the medical community and perform research to further the field of vector-borne illness. By unifying academic and community physicians from around the globe, we are making important strides in this field.”

In an effort to build bridges and create a global coalition with our international colleagues, Invisible has created an International Scientific Advisory Board. The inaugural member of the board is Jack Lambert, MD, PhD. Dr. Lambert is a Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Genitourinary Medicine at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, and Full Clinical Professor at University College Dublin School of Medicine. Dr. Lambert has founded a charity in Scotland called the Lyme Resource Centre to better tackle the issues of Lyme disease within Scotland and Europe. Learn more.

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