Emily Lovell, PhD

Education & STEM Lead

Emily is passionate about equity in technology, education, and healthcare – and thrilled to be part of Invisible International’s team alongside her parents.

Professionally, she is a researcher and educator working to broaden participation in computing. Emily earned her master’s degree from the MIT Media Lab and PhD from UC Santa Cruz. She has served on faculty at Berea College, taught courses at UC Santa Cruz, and facilitated numerous workshops domestically and abroad during her affiliation with MIT.

Emily is also a tick-borne illness patient who spent 20 years bouncing from doctor to doctor before receiving her diagnosis. Knowing that this experience is not unique among Lyme patients, she feels strongly about the mission of Invisible International and hopes to help make a difference for others.

In her free time, Emily loves songwriting and spending time outdoors. On a nice day, you’ll find her hiking, climbing, or gardening beneath the redwoods with her dog, Lyra.